Share the richness


Please freed from day-to-day busyness.

If it'll be so, what do you do and spend?
A person of we can request one person sincerely, And it's possible to imagine the society which carries on a life which moves in a lively way freely.

The ability of the one person and the personality are colorful, and 1 person ability is infinite.
It's abundance to be different.
It's the chance to get an infinite possibility to know that.

Rapture City is a city of the future to win the reality of your ideal world that exist in the future that can not be seen yet.
And, Rapture City Members is a ship for arrive there.
Riding on this ship, please reset once the feeling from day-to-day hectic.
And, please get a chance to bloom your talent.

All completed on the Internet!
Ideal to both business and sidejob!

Life support Creative point service


The latest step up point acquisition program.

Creative point service.
RAP Point
Latest step-up point acquisition program.

By a double cycle point system.
14,300,000 points of continuation acquisition is achieved.

Double cycle point system,
14.6 million point we realized the continuation acquisition.
※14.6 million points ≒ $ 133,600 ($1 ≒ ¥ 107)

Join us!

"Sharing! I get freedom!" The shape of the new exchange that the relation produces.

Member benefits

1.Discount Buy Market Place
2.Sales of original products
3.Point of cash receipts

Follow us!

Please connect to your friends and a lot of people. The chance which is continuation acquisition at most about 14,300,000 points!

Get the creative point! !
Step up the nine place!
Double-cycle and upgrade system.
In the latest step-up point acquisition program, we will aim to 1 round 14,3million points.

The start from the 「Place-1」 after participation. Then step up to Place-9 using the points earned is. Also the Place-1 will continue the cycle after the upgrade. Continuation acquisition of a point is achieved by the double cycle and an upgrade system.
※14.3 million points ≒ $ 133,600($1 ≒ ¥ 107)
※Risks, such as merchandise purchasing, inventory, returned goods, and seminar attendance absolutely is not.

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Three point acquisition plan

Please choose your favorite plan.
We will grow the network together.

With VR & Video Movie Free Unlimited viewing Plan

▷Have fun movies and earn points
▷Unlimited viewing 「flick」

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Affiliate plan

▷Earn points by introducing new members
▷RAP Point Affiliate
▷330 yen (tax included) once or monthly

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With NPO / NGO support plan

▷Acquire points while supporting
▷Share Aid Drive
▷From 330 yen (tax included)

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Feature 6

Rapture City members

Privilege of membership

Privilege-1. -BARTER-
Privilege-2. -SELL-
Privilege-3. -BUY-
Privilege-4. -PAYMENT-

Registration method

STEP-1.Provisional registration application
STEP-2.Payment of dues

System summary

1.- Cycle & Upgrade
2. Double cycle system
3. Point share program

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